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Daily Double Crossword  

'Double' puzzles, one Cryptic and one Quick, for six days, Monday to Saturday. The weekday puzzle grids are 13x13, and the Saturday grids are 15x15 squares, to take a little longer to solve. Both Cryptic and Quick puzzles use the same grid, but the solutions are entirely different. Publishers can optionally print the puzzle diagram twice, so providing two puzzles for their readers each day.

Weekly Double Crossword

Double 15x15 puzzles for Saturday or Sunday use. Can be used in combination to provide more challenging weekday puzzles. Prestigious national dailies typically use these in rotation with works from other compilers. Our authors' direct clients include The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Financial Times and other well-known journals. Syndication brings you these high quality puzzles at affordable rates.

Puzzles for websites

Java puzzle files ready for your website. We can customise a dynamic web page system that will automatically show the correct puzzle each day.

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